Sr. High

Grade 10-12

Focus on academic preparation for post-secondary education, and developing student’s Imaginal Leadership competencies.

"I think we need to be training people on how to change the world."

Larry Page, CEO,  Alphabet

Our world today has been profoundly shaped by Imaginal Leaders who saw a different future, the likes of Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Ghandi, Queen Victoria, Henry Ford, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Elon Musk to name a few. These are examples of Imaginal Leaders who saw a different future, who stepped out of their comfort zones and created obsolescence in their world.


Our Graduate Profile

Pursuing personal vision without limitation

Students graduating from Master’s College will be able to pursue their personal vision without limitation by achieving academic excellence and by becoming Imaginal Leaders.


The foundation of our Graduate Profile is academic excellence. Historically, over 90% our high school graduates go on to the post-secondary program of their choice.

Imaginal Leaders

At Master’s, cultivating our students to be Imaginal Leaders, those who can see and create the future, is as important as preparing them for post-secondary education. For in a world of massive change and complexity, it is those with the Imaginal abilities of seeing and creating who will be truly Future Ready.

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Austin's Story

Austin Ely is a grade 12 student whose character has been strengthened, nurtured, and refined by Master's College and life experience.

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Future By Design

Two grade 12 students are immersed into a Learning Adventure of their own design with the purpose of seeing how their knowledge of High School Physics directly impacts their progress towards making it to the VEX World Robotics Tournament.

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Sink or Swim

Watch Rachel, a grade 12 student at Master's College, as she goes through the process of creating an EP album while also completing her required curriculum. At Master's College the graduate profile states that students will be able to pursue their personal vision without limitation by becoming a leader, risk-taker, explorer, innovator, and builder.

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Career and Life Management

In Grade 10 students will complete the Career and Life Management (CALM) course which is a 3 credit graduation requirement for all Alberta high school students. They will earn an additional 3 credits from the Alberta Education course Design Thinking for Innovation 15. Topics are varied depending on the grade level but will include post-secondary and career planning, job skills, decision making, and relationships. The thread that runs through the three years is students learning the capacities of being an Imaginal designer and leader who can see and create the future.

Becoming Future Ready

Just as in academic development, where the focus is on literacy and numeracy as foundational competencies, the following literacy domains are foundational for students becoming Imaginal Leaders and Future Ready.

Innovation Literacy

Financial Literacy

Spiritual Literacy

id Program (Imaginal Design) introduces students to the world of design and becoming Imaginal.  Students will develop their abilities to innovate and invent by building their Innovation literacy through an intentional 6 year program, starting in Junior High.

Students develop financial literacy through various interactive experiences, such as the CashFlow game from Rich Dad Poor Dad. Financial literacy coupled with entrepreneurship are essential components of preparing students for their future.

Students explore some of the deep questions of life from a Biblical perspective, such as ‘why am I here? what is the purpose of my life? who am I? what am I called to do?’ In addition, students will learn how faith, hope and love are the driving forces for the Imaginal Leader.  The Christian faith is presented to students in an integrated fashion in their courses and in school life, rather than through a scheduled class.  Special assemblies, spiritual life weeks, and missions opportunities are also given to students.

Sr. High Programming

In addition to offering a strong academic program, Master’s Sr. High programming places a focus on students developing the future ready skills to become Imaginal Leaders.

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What our students are saying.

"By having smaller class sizes and more attention from the teachers, I have a better understanding of my subjects when coming to the end of my courses, therefore more prepared for post-secondary."

"The community here is excellent. Being a smaller school has given me amazing opportunities to grow personally and develop my abilities and create close, valuable relationships, even with teachers, that I will value for the rest of my life."

"I am being prepared through the personal development I receive. I now have the ability to adapt and confront challenges in real life."

"Master’s Global Impact Team provides an amazing opportunity to get close to a team of friends and learn about how to serve others all over the world."

"The internship program lets me use my school learning out in the real world and gives me one idea of what to expect when I get outside of high school."

"I get to have input and leadership through clubs and productions and I am always excited to see all of our hard work come to life."

"I love the chance to play on so many athletic teams."

"I am engaged in a lot of extra-curricular and so I feel confident in applying for university. I know that universities are looking for well-rounded students."

"We are encouraged to think of others and to find ways to serve. We have service days set aside and the big mission trips open our eyes to the world."

"I will have a lot of great things to put on my resumés and applications because of the opportunities given to me at Master’s."

"I’m being set up to be independent and encouraged to truly pursue what I am passionate about."

"This is a place where you can grow your understanding and relationship with God."