Early Canada: A Brave New World
an Internet Sampler on Explorers

Created by Brenda Dyck
Master's Academy and College

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The purpose of this Web page is to introduce you to many of the Explorers who were part of Early Canada's history. The following links come from all over the World Wide Web and represent a variety of viewpoints. Each of the activities will help you gain a better understanding about the role they played in the discovery of Canada.

Internet Activities

Exploration is Risky Business

  1. According to this web site, why is exploration risky business?
  2. Choose one unfamiliar explorer from the list of explorers on this page. 
  3. Go into http://www.google.com   and paste the name of one explorer (paste it inside quotation marks) in the search box. Read about this explorer.
  4. Write a five sentence paragraph about the explorer, telling why exploration was a risky business for this explorer.

Biography: John Cabot

  1. Explain why an Italian explorer ended up claiming 'new found land' for an English king?

John and Sebastian Cabot

  1. In 1498, John Cabot was given permission by Henry VII to take ships on a new expedition. What was the main purpose of this voyage?

John Cabot's Voyage of 1497

  1. Since there is very little precise information about the 1497 voyage there a number of conflicting theories about what happened on Cabot's 1497 voyage. Identify one of these conflicting theories.

Jacques Cartier: Explorer of the St. Lawrence

  1. Why do you think Cartier kidnapped two sons of the Iroquois chief Donnacona?
  2. Imagine the world that Donnacona's son's were used to and what it would have been like for them to go to France. Write three sentences describing that voyage to France, from the perspective of Donnacona's sons.
  3. Why was Cartier's second voyage (1535-1536) so important?

The Explorers

  1. Click on Cartier and then 'A Lie and A Claiming of Possession' (left side of web page). Read this whole page.
  2. Based on your reading, identify two lies that Cartier told.

Martin Frobisher

  1. Why were explorers so intent on looking for a Northwest Passage to the Orient?
  2. What caused royalty to financially back Frobisher for his next two voyages in 1577 and 1578?

Engines of Our Ingenuity: Martin Frobisher

  1. Listen to Click the audio link.
  2. Sometimes explorers accidentally find valuable places or things while looking for something else. Explain how Frobisher actually found more than he set out to find.

Champlain : One of the Great Explorers

  1. Tell two accomplishments of Champlain.

Champlain's Path to Quebec City

  1. Watch a movie clip of Samuel de Champlain's path to Quebec City in Real video.

Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him?

  1. A group of wealthy Londoners sent Henry Hudson off on his last voyage. What did they hope Hudson would find?
  2. What happened to Henry Hudson and his sons during this voyage?

Looking for Henry Hudson

  1. It appears that mutiny was part of Henry Hudson's unfortunate end. Explain what mutiny is and why it was a hangable offense.

Hudson's Path into the Bay

  1. Watch a movie clip of Henry Hudson's path into the Bay in RealVideo.

Images of the Half Moon: The Ship of Henry Hudson

  1. Click on the different images of the Half Moon. Write a five sentences descriptive paragraph, describing the appearance of Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon.


While exploring this sampler on Explorers of Canada, we hope you've had fun and learned about the important role Explorers had in the beginning of Canada. Since there is so much information in this first module, go back and explore some of the other links. Be prepared to tell what you have learned and think about how this piece of Canada's history affects our life today.

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