Kindergarten to Grade 6

Focus on core academic competencies and the development of students as Master Learners.

Our Mission

The mission of Master’s Academy is to prepare students to be Future Ready by laying a foundation of academic excellence alongside students becoming Master Learners. Consistently, the Academy has been a top ranked school in Alberta by the Fraser Institute.

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Profound Learning

Profound Learning is a methodology by which teaching and learning are achieved at Master’s Academy & College. It is a non traditional approach to teaching and learning in order to ensure success and joy for all parties involved.  Profound Learning is an emergent system property of intentional beliefs, structures, practices and tools working together to produce a profound result.

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Excellence and Capacity Building

The high level of academic achievement at Master’s Academy is directly attributed to our focus on early literacy and numeracy.

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Profound Learning in Action

Throughout the Academy grades, Profound Learning is embedded into all classroom experiences.

Student Ownership of Learning

Achieving Mastery

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Students Becoming Future Ready

Without dispute, the world has changed so dramatically in the last few decades that the roles and responsibilities in schools, as well as in our everyday lives, have been forever changed. We are left to wonder, what does a “21st century learner” need to know and be able to do? At Master’s Academy, we begin to answer this question by investigating and anticipating what the world will be like for elementary students who are graduating from the Academy as Future Ready.


Our mission is to develop students as Master Learners who are able to think on their feet and anticipate challenges. We know they will need to develop outstanding team-building skills while being flexible, adaptable, and self-regulated.

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We have developed a comprehensive program which focuses around the following 7 Habits of the Master Learner.

Person of Character

Quality Producer

Life-Long Learner

Collaborative Worker

Independent Worker

Critical and Creative Thinker

Principle-Centred Leader

As students work their way through the Academy grades, they are exposed to various specifically designed opportunities that will allow them to develop each of the 7 Habits within the classroom setting. Upon completion of grade 6, students graduate as Master Learners and continue on to the College where they will be challenged to further develop their Future Ready skills.

Culture of Respect & Excellence

Safe & Caring Culture

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Preparing students for the world of massive change and ensuring that they are future ready requires education to go beyond the delivery of the standard curriculum. A safe and caring environment, in a culture of respect, is fundamental to the Christian values in place at Master’s. Student ‘voice and choice’ is highly valued and has proven to increase student motivation at school. ‘Grace’, not ‘law’, is the default in working with students to bring alignment to a culture of respect. Driving out fear is one of our governing principles, as we model the interpersonal relationships between teachers and students and between students themselves.

Excellence is possible for all when the focus is placed on Quality and Mastery. Mastery is achieved when students know and strive to reach the Quality standard. Since all curriculum for a Learning Adventure (project-based learning) or experience is explicitly presented via the Learning Map, students are aware of the learning expected of them for each step of the Adventure and are enabled to take ownership. Furthermore, clear expectations are set, with student input, for specific activities and assignments within the Learning Adventure. With fixed targets, students are able to reach the expectations for Quality and, as is often the case, are then also motivated to exceed the Quality standard. Identifying what Quality looks like and providing a means to achieve it are practices that result in Mastery.

Academy Programming

Our Academy provides a rich multi-disciplinary program.

Literacy, Numeracy and Beyond

In addition to the Programs of Study for the Province of Alberta, Kindergarten to Grade 6 teachers have developed a continuum for teaching and learning the basic capacity skills in literacy/humanities and mathematics/science. Strong literacy programs and processes integrate the curriculum and focus on reading and writing at a high standard. Mathematics and science offer inquiry experiences for the students in a setting of manipulative materials and access to digital resources.

Physical Education & Intramurals

At Master’s Academy, daily physical activity is part of a well-rounded physical educational program. Students enjoy a variety of age appropriate activities that encourage a high level of participation and skill development.  Extra curricular physical activities include lunch time intramural opportunities and clubs focusing on physical activity.   With an emphasis on effort,  a positive attitude, sportsmanship, cooperation, and skill development students learn the importance of staying active and developing healthy life-style habits that will stay with them forever.

Fine arts

Fine Arts Team works alongside the classroom teachers in supporting learning in the content areas as well as empowering students through leadership in productions that showcase their skills and talents.

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Foreign Language studies

Foreign Language studies begin in grade four with all students taking French until it becomes an option with other languages in Junior High.

Field Trips

Field trips and off-campus excursions are integrated into appropriate seasons and connected to curriculum areas of study where learning is encouraged beyond the classroom.


Club activities vary from year to year depending on student interest, schedules and expertise/leadership available. Students have enjoyed experiences such as robotics, dance, long distance running, baking, soccer, track and field, reader’s theatre and so on. Clubs are usually offered over the lunch break in the elementary grades in order to free up after school hours for family activities.

Technology Integration

Through extensive integration of technology, students are provided with specific opportunities to ensure digital literacy. We provide a technology rich environment, which includes SMART boards, laptops, cameras and other digital resources, to enhance the learning experience. Laptops for Kindergarten to grade 6 are provided by the school on a demand basis. Our IT department supports a one-to-one laptop environment.

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