Stayin' Alive: Creating a Survival Guide
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You have been chosen to create the ultimate survival guide for an expedition team to a remote place. Today you will be assigned to your production team and the remote place you will research. The expedition will rely on your survival guide to exist for two months. To prepare the guide, you and your team will research the remote place: its climate, vegetation, insect/animals, and area challenges. You will also include hints for surviving as team (leadership and team). The very lives of this team will depend on how thorough you are in preparing this guide. Your guide is due: __________.

Team One: Antarctic
Team Two: Arctic
Team Three: Jungle: Papua New Guinea or the Philippines
Team Four: Desert: Death Valley, Nevada
Team Five: Forest: Boreal Forest and Tundra: NWT, Canada
Team Six: Island: South Pacific Island

Your survival guide will take the form of a booklet so that the expedition can take it with them to their remote place. Each team member will be responsible for one page and together you will decide on a title page and create a bibliography. The guide should have illustrations and a table of contents so that information can be located quickly. There should be a page devoted to climate, vegetation, area-specific insects/animals, area challenges and hints for surviving as team. Each page will include a full page of information and implications for survival (font 12). Information must not be copy/pasted from the original source and all your resources must be documented in the bibliography.

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Antarctica or Arctic





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