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"Your Rights: Reality or Rhetoric?" Project Links
The links below will equip your with the information needed to prepare your report for the United Nations Meeting on the Rights of Children. The Basic Rights links will provide you with background on the 1989 Rights of the Children document and the upcoming meeting in New York City.

My Convention On this site a Grade 9 student explains all forty-one of the Rights of the Child tenants in his own words.
United Nations Special Session on Children The UN Special Session on Children has been formally rescheduled by the UN General Assembly for 8-10 May 2002. The Special Session, originally planned for 19-21 September 2001, was postponed following the tragic events of 11 September.  Find out all about this special session on this web page.
Charting Your Rights See the connection between your rights and the law.
The Rights of the Children The 1989 United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children details a child's civil, social, political, economic, and cultural rights. Read through the forty-one points on this web page.

"Developing Rights" Activities from Oxfam This site is loaded with classroom activities that will challenge our thinking on Human Rights
Your Voice Matters! Over the past year, Canadian students were polled about their views concerning issues Related to the United Nations Special Session on the Rights of Children. The results of 'Your Voice Matters: Young People Speak Out on Issues Related to the UN Special Session on Children', can be found on this web page, especially designed for students, ages 13-18.
The 'Youth' edition of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children Ways that you can transform the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into something personal.
Cartoons For Children's Rights Online cartoons that help communicate the idea behind many Children's Rights.
Save the Children This is the website for Save the Children Canada. Save the Children is a child-rights focused development organization, working both overseas and in Canada to improve the quality of children's lives through the realization of their rights.
Children's Rights Quiz This link is a quiz about children's rights in Canada. Their rights are very similar to children's rights in the United States.
United States Fund for UNICEF The official web site for the United States Fund for UNICEF, an organization that works for the survival, protection and development of all children worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising.
Voices Children express their thoughts ideas and feelings about children's issues and children's rights through various mediums.
Voices of Youth Describe what you are doing on children/youth rights, issues, racism in particular on this online UNICEF discussion board. What works, and what are the challenges you face?

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