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Safeguarding the rights of others is the most notable and beautiful end of a human being.
-Kahlil Gibran

Thinking About your Rights at School
Human rights form the basis of human peace in all areas: In national and international politics, as well as in your village, family, or school. They affect every single individual and are due to each and every individual. Communicating about rights is one of the most Important tasks of education.
One of the basic rights of every human being is their right to a safe place. Few would disagree with this basic right but people continue to feel unsafe in the places that they live, work and study. What exactly is a safe place? For this assignment our class will endeavor to define and reflect on what it would take to make our classroom a safer place. For this assignment:

1) Students will consider the many things that need to be in place in order for students to feel safe in a classroom. We will list these descriptors and post them around the room.
2) Choose three of these descriptors that are key elements in a Safe Place.
3) You will write a 350-400 word reflective essay sharing
Your thoughts on why you believe these three elements to be important to creating a safe environment in our classroom.

Use the assignment checklist below to make sure you have covered all the expectations of this assignment:

_____ 1) In the opening paragraph, provide a catchy topic sentence that introduces this topic. State five key elements of a safe classroom.

_____ 2) For each descriptor you will devote a paragraph describing the descriptor and explaining why you think this descriptor is necessary for a safe classroom. You will share a concrete example of how you know. Be prepared to provide supportive statements your reasons.

_____ 3) Write one paragraph making two suggestions of how your classroom could become a safer place to learn. This paragraph should include 4-6 sentences.

_____4) Include a closing paragraph that sums up the thoughts expressed in your writing.

_____ 5) Your writing should reflect thought and sincerity.

_____ 6) Make use of clear, concise sentences.

_____ 7) Make use of accurate grammar and spelling.

_____ 8) Your final copy should be done on the computer.

_____9) Hand your finished work in on Thursday, January 10th.
"Developing Rights" Activites from Oxfam

These resourceful Web pages are from an Oxfam publication called "Developing Rights". Produced with help from 11 teachers, "Developing Rights" contains many innovative, ready-to-use activities.

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