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Brenda A. Dyck
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



About Brenda
Brenda teaches at Master's Academy and College, a private k-12 school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Brenda is the the school Technology Integration coach and teaches Grade 6 Math. She has a particular interest in creating and managing telecollaborative projects and working with teachers to integrate technology into their day to day curriculum. Her project, "I'm Leading. Is Anyone Following? (2000/2001) and "Let the Walls Come Down" (2001/2002) received a Telus Grassroots grant. "We the Children..." was also awarded this grant for the 2001-2002 school year. 

In addition to teaching, Brenda is a teacher editor for MidLink Magazine, an ezine that profiles exemplary work from the most creative classrooms around the globe. The projects profiled on MidLink Magazine reflect the creative learning process that exists in classrooms where technology is the vehicle or enhancement, but academics are the focus. Brenda's projects, "Let the Walls Come Down!" and beyond "Beyond Wild Justice" are currently posted on MidLink Magazine's fall list.

Brenda has written a number of professional articles for Education World, Microsoft's Classroom Teacher Network and writes the Electronic Thread feature for Middle Ground Magazine (a publication of the National Middle School Association). Brenda was one of the finalists in Global Schoolnet's 2003 Shared Learning Award. 

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