I'm Leading. 

Is Anyone Following?


What happens when four schools from Calgary, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Abottsford, British Columbia and Orlando, Florida join forces to explore the characteristics that make up a strong leader? During the 2000-2001 school year, this group of students applied higher level thinking skills as they synthesized and analyzed information about their choice of leader. Using their own set of criteria, the students evaluated their leader and discovered why this person shaped the time in which they lived. The teachers who guided these young people through  the "I'm Leading. Is Anyone Following?" project had a chance to observe the true benefits of telecollaborative learning.

"There is a bigger picture here. This has to do with constructivist learning and teaching theory. It has to do with taking risks, seeing both teachers and students as leaders. It has to do with students having a voice. It has to do with authorship--using the students' voice."                                                      - Nancy Brown , teacher, Woodbine Elementary School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

On this page you will have an opportunity to hear the voice of the students through their writing and celebrate the learning that occurred in these four classrooms as students and teachers were challenged to consider what exactly makes a leader "tick".

To access the work of the "I'm Leading. Is Anyone Following? project, click on the following links:

    Phyllis Froese's Grade Six class in Abottsford, British Columbia

    Brenda Dyck's Grade Six classroom in Calgary, Alberta

   Jann Porritt's Grade Six class in Regina, Saskatchewan

   DJ Thomas' Grade 6-8 class in Orlando, Florida.

Why Is It Important To Consider Leadership?

"In a few short years we will be entering the year 2,000, the twenty-first century. Society is changing rapidly and moving swiftly towards a new age. As we enter that new age, we must develop new leadership, capable of giving guidance, inspiration, and new vision for the new time.
Leadership empowers, motivates, and organizes people to achieve a common objective, and provides moral guidance.
~ Charles Barron

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